Was tun gegen die AfD? Raus aus der Bubble!

Die Wahlen in den U.S.A. haben gezeigt, wie schnell Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Rechtspopulismus in eine Regierung einziehen können. Aber auch auf der anderen Seite zeigt sich Bewegung. Die Menschen fangen an sich Gedanken zu machen, was sie tun können um gegen Rechtspopulismus vorzugehen. Trump ist eine Chance, in Deutschland nicht das Gleiche passieren zu lassen. Es … Continue reading Was tun gegen die AfD? Raus aus der Bubble!

Writing a novel in a month? Crazy, but possible

(Reposting from 2014) Crazy is the only appropriate word to describe NaNoWriMo, an online challenge that takes place every year in November. Although NaNoWriMo originated in the USA and stands for National Novel Writing Month, it has long become international, causing writers all over the world to abandon their social lives and household duties. Until 1 … Continue reading Writing a novel in a month? Crazy, but possible

The Freiburg Diaries #1 (Liberated Studies)

Since my decision to move forward with my education on my own, university seems dead-set on putting my resolve to the test. Now, each lecture or seminar I’m sitting in has me constantly evaluating whether its worth my time. Am I getting anything out of this? Could my time be better spent? Could I do … Continue reading The Freiburg Diaries #1 (Liberated Studies)

The Student Liberation Handbook

Here you are, looking on the stone steps leading to a large and imposing building, your hair a little windswept from the autumn breeze. Fresh out of school, maybe with a few trips to exotically sounding places under your belt. This is supposed to be your next adventure: University. You’re thinking of musty-smelling libraries, the … Continue reading The Student Liberation Handbook