The Freiburg Diaries #1 (Liberated Studies)

Since my decision to move forward with my education on my own, university seems dead-set on putting my resolve to the test.
Now, each lecture or seminar I’m sitting in has me constantly evaluating whether its worth my time. Am I getting anything out of this? Could my time be better spent? Could I do this at home?
If the answers to those questions are no, yes, yes, well… I’ve got to leave. Anything else would make me an unhappy hypocrite, right?
Today I attended a seminar on translation that was on the exam regulations list. We were given an Irish trivia quiz in German that we were supposed to translate into English. Yes, that was the whole lesson. One of the questions asked who Ireland had sent to the Eurovision Song Contest on 2008. I’m pretty sure this is quite useful information. If you want to become a trivia quiz writer.
When it was over, I turned to my neighbour.
“So, do you like translation?” I asked in what sounds like a terrible attempt at small talk but was actually genuine concern on my part.
She looked pained. “Not really. I’m here for the credits.”
I waited until everyone else had filtered out of the room, then approached the teacher.
“I just wanted you to know that if I’m not here again next week, it’s nothing personal. I just don’t think this is for me.”
“Well, if you want a degree you won’t get around it.”
Isn’t it weird how when you’re in an bad relationship, people tell you to have some self respect and not waste your time on someone who doesn’t cherish you?
Why don’t they tell you the same thing about universities?
I can still feel the doubts nagging at my insides. The leftover hopes that I will get a degree at some point. My plans of writing a BA thesis, the topic ideas that haunt me at night and send tingles of excitement through my synapses before I catch myself and remember that no, this isn’t going to happen.
But then I’m thinking: Why not? Why shouldn’t I write a BA and call it by any other name? I’m free to write anything I like. For the first time in my life, I’m completely and utterly free.
If that isn’t awesome and scary I don’t know what is.

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